Aerodent is the fourth boss in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. He guards the Topaz Passage. Aerodent hides inside an inflated bear balloon. Initially, this balloon is out of reach to Wario. However, Aerodent will release a Pin Enemy in an attempt to harm Wario. If Wario stuns one of these, it will flip upside down so its pin is pointing upwards. Throwing the enemy back at the patch on the bottom of the boss deflates its teddy bear, allowing Wario to attack it. After Wario bashes its foot, it will flip upside-down. Aerodent will become vulnerable to attack for a short time. After Aerodent floats up high enough when vulnerable, he will right himself and re-inflate the teddy bear balloon, and the process repeats. It is possible but difficult to hit Aerodent multiple times before he floats upwards. Once Aerodent withstands enough damage, it will launch fireballs at Wario, which spread into flames upon contact with the ground. If he touches the fireball or the flames, he will turn into Flaming Wario, losing all control and wasting valuable time. After enough hits, Aerodent is defeated and Wario is rewarded with the creature's Necklace

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