Bagon is a 2014 American science fiction monster film directed by Iris's Emolga

Dragonite Dream


Emo Artwork

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In 1999, a large creature is discovered in the Pacific Ocean. In an attempt to kill it, the United States drop a nuclear bomb on the creature In 1999, Project a mine in the Philippines where a collapse has uncovered a colossal skeleton. Two egg-shaped pods are discovered and one has hatched and escaped to the sea. In US the Janjira nuclear plant experiences unusual seismic activity. Plant supervisor Joe Brody sends his wife Sandra and a team into the core to check the sensors. When the team is inside, an explosion occurs, threatening to release radiation to the outside. Emolga And Her team are unable to escape, and the plant collapses into ruin. The disaster, Dttributed to an earthquake, results in the quarantine of the area.

Fifteen years later, In United States Navy explosive ordnance disposal officer, living in San Francisco with his wife and son. After A Us Man is arrested for trespassing in the quarantined area, Bagon travels to Japan. Once there, The Dragon reveals he has evidence of a cover-up of the true cause of the disaster and convinces Ford to accompany him to their old home to retrieve vital seismic data he recorded before the plant's collapse. They are captured and taken to a facility within the plant's ruins, where Serizawa is leading a study of a massive chrysalis. A colossal winged creature emerges, destroying the facility in its escapen Mens join a U.S. Navy strike force led by Emolga atcraft carrier USS Saratoga (CVN-88) to track the creature, identified as Team Emolga

The scientists reveal that an ancient alpha predator, known as The Dragon by a 1954 deep sea expedition and the early nuclear tests were attempts to kill it. The creature was from an age when radiation levels were higher and fed off the radiation. As the earth's radiation subsided, they moved underground. Monarch was formed to secretly study Dragons

A U.S. Army Special Forces team finds the wreckage of a Russian nuclear submarine in a forest near Honolulu and finds the Emo on its reactor.The Dragonin San Francisco Bay, where he is confronted by the military on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the military fails, Stenz agrees to let the monsters fight. During the battle, Ford and a team of soldiers attempt to disarm the warhead in the nest, entering the city by HALO jump. Unable to disarm the Emolgas Bagon Kills iris's emolga And Bagon Kills Team Emolga

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