Bogmire, the Cemetery Shadow (Japanese: シャドーマ Shadōma), is a purple portrait ghost of unknown age from the game Luigi's Mansion. His name is derived from "bog" and "quagmire" (or just "mire"), two types of swamps. He resides in the Graveyard of Luigi's Mansion during the events of the game and is the boss of the second area. Bogmire is the manifestation of the mansion's fear and despair, although he does not know who to fear or what to despair. Bogmire can summon Black Bogmires. He can also teleport around an area with a flash of lightning.

Luigi encounters Bogmire during his quest to save his brother, Mario, from King Boo. Three (five in the Hidden Mansion) Skeleton Ghosts hide in the tombstones in the area prior to the boss fight. After Luigi dispatches them with the Poltergust 3000, the largest headstone begins to glow. As Luigi approaches the stone, Bogmire reveals himself and transports Luigi to an arena.

Luigi's Mansion's artwork of Bogmire. After the transport, the battle begins. To attack Luigi, Bogmire creates Black Bogmires, ranging from small to large sizes. These duplicates attack Luigi as Bogmire warps around the arena. To capture Bogmire, Luigi has to suck in the ghosts, which transforms them into a shadowy ball. Luigi must fire the shadow ball at Bogmire, thus rendering him vulnerable. Luigi can then proceed to suck Bogmire in. During the process, Luigi has to avoid the duplicates. Eventually, Luigi captures Bogmire. A chest that contains the key to the Courtyard appears, allowing Luigi to proceed to the next area of the mansion.


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