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Doggy Cruger Monster Cup Ben Pop Pigmon Hydra Ck 122 Hydrara
Cap boom Doggy Monster Ben Piggy Hydra Hydra
32px This article's content is suspiciously like some other page somewhere on the internet.
PikaPika has reason to believe this was copied from somewhere else, and he is not amused. It's not THAT big a deal that this was probably copied from another wiki, but c'mon, we've got our own style.
Pika demands that you insert some No original research at least so it's not a complete plagiarism: or he shall electrocute you into next week.

This image is being used as one of the personal Page allowed to a user


Hulk Smash Hulk Smash Puny Cupcake Monster for the following reason(s):
He WTS Claude To Kill Geter

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