We Has The Octo Nintendo Say It Is A Boss Nintendo Was To Make The Octo

While fighting Cyclok, any one of three points on the area's floor will be covered with a small tornado. Throwing a bomb into one of these cyclones will send the explosive flying upwards, and if one of these bombs hits Cyclok, he will be temporarily brought to the ground. While his foe is stunned, Link can make multiple damaging sword slashes or bomb throws on the monster before it recovers flight. Doing this several times will end in Cyclok's defeat.

The monster's main method of attack is to dive bomb towards Link, but all the hero can do to avoid this is walk out of the way. Cyclok's second attack involves spitting miniature tornadoes in Link's direction, which will case damage on impact. Much like the cyclone that normally appears in the arena, Cyclok's projectiles can be used by Link to launch bombs.

Once Link defeats the Stirrer of Winds, he acquires more sand for the Phantom Hourglass, and a Heart Container. By slaying the monster and destroying its seal, Link frees and earns the accompaniment of the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri.

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