Hulk Smash Hulk Smash Puny Dino Piranha for the following reason(s):
NOT A HERO!!!!!!!!!!


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Dino Piranha Is A Not a fan Make

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This battle requires that Mario (or Luigi) skillfully use the Spin move to progress. When Mario arrives on Dino Piranha's planet, he will land on Dino Piranha's egg, cracking it. His tail and legs will pop out and begin to walk slowly around the planet. To fully crack open the egg, Mario must hit the large ball on the end of the Dino Piranha's tail using the Star Spin so that it hits his own egg and cracks the shell. Dino Piranha will then start to run around the planet attempting to attack Mario. Mario must run behind the Dino Piranha and Spin his tail once again, causing him to hit himself a second time, which will make him very angry. His head will turn bright red like Petey Piranha's head and he will chase Mario even faster than before. To finally defeat him, Mario must once again get behind him and hit his tail. After being hit a final time, he will fall over, scream and explode in a cloud of purple dust, releasing a Power Star.

The player must fight Dino Piranha twice in the Good Egg Galaxy. The second fight will only be available when a Speedy Comet orbits the Good Egg Galaxy. In addition, a fiery version of Dino Piranha known as the Fiery Dino Piranha is fought in the Melty Molten Galaxy later in the game.

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