Double Tusk
The Double Tusks are twin members of the Tusk species, and the co-rulers of the Chili Pepper Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and the Lychee Kingdom in the remake. One appears very similar to Grave Tusk and Torch Tusk, and the other has a new appearance, being a pink camouflage in color. These Tusks attack very similarly to the past Tusks, but split their HP between themselves, each having 250 instead of a single boss with 500 HP. Additionally, rather than getting angry when reaching a set amount of HP, they become angry when the other one is defeated.

However, because there are two Tusks, both attack simultaneously, complicating the battle. However, they are both able to be defeated in the way the other Tusks are defeated, and when one is attacked like this, the other attacks without it once, waiting for the other before it attacks again.

Like with the other Tusks, Donkey Kong must fight them using Pineapples. Once one Tusk is defeated, the other one is left to fight alone, but it gains the laser attack and fiery cannonballs used by Torch Tusk, making the battle remain difficult if it still has significant HP left. The attacks also differ between the one that is remaining; while the pink camouflage Tusk attacks with both flaming and normal cannonballs, the brown one only attacks with the flaming cannonballs. Additionally, the brown Tusk also attacks with the laser twice, once normally, then in reverse

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