Dual Dragons

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The Dual Dragon is a boss in the Nintendo GameCube game Wario World. It is a huge, red, two-headed dragon and serves as the boss of Spooktastic World. Wario must defeat it in order to earn a Giant Treasure Chest Key and gain access to Thrillsville.

Dual Dragon has three attacks; one of these is spewing out Glue Globes. A few seconds after one head spits out the Globes, the opposite head will inhale them. Wario must avoid being stuck on any of the globes so that he will not be damaged. If Wario gets too close to either dragon, it will whack its spiked tail at Wario in an attempt to hurt him. Its other attack includes breathing fire and will damage Wario on contact.

The only way to hurt this huge monster is to stun one head with enough punches so that, when the other head executes the fire breath attack, it gets hit with its own flames. This will cause one heart of damage.

After being attacked five times, the Dual Dragon will fall into the water and Wario will receive the second Giant Treasure Chest Key, gaining him access to Thrillsville.

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