Egg Roll! is the name of Yoshi's Super Ability, used only in Mario Strikers Charged. However, Yoshi cannot execute the move unless he has obtained his special item, depicted as his own head. Yoshi, after using the item, will form a giant egg around him, which he can ride around in to roll over and squash other players. He is able to squash both his opponents and his own players, but he cannot roll over the Goalie. Yoshi can use this ability to squash all opposing players that are nearby, so he can safely move into his Mega Strike. It would be wise to squash the faster opponents last, so that they're the last to recover from the attack, giving Yoshi a better chance of securing a Mega Strike. The sound of an Egg Timer will start ticking when Yoshi uses this move, and it will ping when the move stops. As the ball is kept inside the egg with Yoshi (if he has it) attempting any kind of kick will immediately end the Egg Roll.

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