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Eox starts out as a giant golem that takes up both screens to see. The fight will play out in two stages. In the first part of the stage, Link must run around the arena dodging Eox's flurry of arrows and fists. Then he must head to one of four pedestals that spring Link into the air when he hits it with the Hammer. Link needs to use the Hammer to hit pegs that stick out of various places on Eox's body. Repeating this repeatedly will shatter the stone outer body and reveal the wood frame underneath. Once the entire wood frame is exposed, it is shown there are four buttons that light up where the previous pegs were. Link then must hit another spring to bounce into the air and hit all four buttons in one leap, collapsing Eox and begining the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase, Eox's head will hop around the room and shoot arrows out of its mouth in many different directions. Link must lure him closer to one of the springs so that when Link launches into the air he will may on top of Eox's head. On top of the head, he must strike the crystal ontop with his sword. For a more effective attack, Link may hit the crystal with the Hammer until the head knocks Link off. This process must be repeated until Eox is defeated and transforms into the Sand of Hours.


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