The giant dragon circles the planet and eventually swoops down and crunches down on the surface of the planet in an attempt to injure Mario. When it blows steam out of its nose (making a noise akin to a train whistle), it dives down and tunnels right through the middle of the planet thus exposing its six Bellyache Bulges to attack. The six bulges surrounding Gobblegut's body can be burst when Mario uses a spinning attack on them when they get temporarily stuck in the planet's surface while tunneling, or by doing a somersault and spin attacking a bulge. After three hits, Gobblegut becomes angrier and starts moving faster. After the last Bellyache Bulge bursts, Gobblegut slows down, burps, and completely explodes, releasing a Grand Star.

The player faces Gobblegut twice, with the second fight being under the Speedy Comet conditions. However, the player does face a fiery version of Gobblegut later on in the game.

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