Iguanagon first appears in Silver Snow Peak. It chases Donkey Kong and Hoofer up a hill, while a snowball (that is rolling up the hill very slowly) blocks their way. The only way to get up the hill is to stay between Iguanagon and the snowball, while attacking the snowball with the clap attack. Eventually the snowball will bust

Iguanagon chasing Donkey Kong and Hoofer up a snowy mountain. Iguanagon later gets his own level, "Iguanagon's Realm", where Donkey Kong (riding Hoofer once again) actually has to fight him. Hoofer will run into a cave, where Iguanagon will be seen crawling quickly along the ceiling. Donkey Kong will chase him this time. The only way to hurt him is to throw a Pineapple at him. Every once in a while, Iguanagon will disappear into a hole in the top of the cave, and hundreds of birds will come out and throw exploding balls at the hero. After a while, Iguanagon will come back. If enough damage is done to his body, it will start smoking. After a lot of damage, Iguanagon will explode, leaving only his head, which will promptly fall to the ground and explode as well, giving the player 100 beats. Iguanagon also appears in the ending segment of the Asteroid Belt, as an optional boss.

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