Jarvis, the Jar Collector (Japanese: シボーン Shibōn), is an antique jar-collecting ghost of unknown age in the game Luigi's Mansion. He speaks in a stereotypical Scottish accent. Jarvis loves jars so much, he lives inside one. Luigi first finds Jarvis in the Ceramics Studio on the third floor of Luigi's Mansion. Although Luigi does not need to capture Jarvis to save Mario, he can earn a Silver Diamond and two Gold Bars if he succeeds in capturing him.

After Luigi examines the area around the far wall, Jarvis appears from one of the jars and challenges Luigi to a Whac-A-Mole-style game. If Luigi can hit Jarvis with blasts of ice seven times, the ghost allows Luigi to fight him. After collecting an Ice Elemental Ghost, Luigi shoots icy mist at Jarvis as he warps to different jars around the room. After seven hits, Jarvis proceeds to the next portion of the fight.

Angered by losing the game, Jarvis levitates ceramic jars and tosses them at Luigi, dealing five HP damage for every hit. Luigi counters by sucking up Jarvis with the Poltergust 3000. Eventually, Luigi overcomes Jarvis' medium pull and captures the portrait ghost.


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