Mo-Hog is a pig-like creature of the Hog sub-species that appears in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He is one of the four Hog bosses Donkey Kong encounters. Mo-Hog is the ruler of the Strawberry Kingdom and is fought by Donkey Kong in what appears to be the outside of the Spirit Tree.

Mo-Hog appears as a pig-like creature, with light tan skin, pink eyes, black hooves and horns, and a grey Mohawk.

Mo-Hog's attacks include throwing electrified melons at Donkey Kong who must clap to make them lose their electric charge and then throw them back at him. This will stun the boss giving Donkey Kong a brief moment to pummel him. He can also charge electricity and fly at Donkey Kong, then slash at him. Mo-Hog will also slash DK if he gets too close to him. Mo-Hog is the first Hog to use the electrical charge and throw melons faster than usual.

After Donkey Kong delivers the final-blow to Mo-Hog, the Strawberry Kingdom is cleared.

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