Reigubas was, like Monsarger, a biological weapon, but this time used by Spume. Reigubas was released just as Dyna appeared to rescue to moving base from Spume. After a short battle, Reigubas and Dyna emerged onto the surface of Antarctica and began a new confrontation. However, Dyna was weakened by the cold and was also distracted by Spume's threats of crashing the Man-Made Sun onto Earth. Reigubas quickly gained the advantage and froze Dyna, causing Asuka to fall into a unconscious state from the cold and Dyna's color timer to blink. Super GUTS arrived and Reigubas immedietly began to shoot fireballs at the fighters, but was tricked by Captain Hibiki in the GUTS Eagle Beta to launch a fireball at the frozen Dyna, melting his imprisonment. Dyna then transformed into Miracle Type and fled the site, rushing towards to Man-Made Sun and launching a beam at it, reactivating the sun and freeing it of Spume's control. Dyna became re-energized and used his Spin Slam to attack Reigubas while falling from the sky. Just as Reigubas tried to freeze Dyna again, Dyna unleashed his Revolium Ray and sent Reigubas to an alternate dimension.

Hulk Smash Hulk Smash Puny Reigubas for the following reason(s):

not heor

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