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Scruff Roc


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Scruff Roc is a member of the Roc species and king of the Orange Kingdom in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

It is a large, rainbow colored bird with an orange beak, a large, orange-colored neck, and orange claws, which are used to hold a massive black egg. It is the first of the Roc bosses, and is probably the easiest.

Scruff Roc's primary attack is flapping its wings to send down sharp feathers. However, it will also do this just to create storm-force winds, to keep Donkey Kong away. To defeat it, Donkey Kong must use the Helper Monkeys to catapult himself up to the egg and slam his head into it. However, once its health is beneath 300, DK must reach Scruff Roc or, at the very least, its egg, and use the Sound Wave Attack to stun it. He then has to grab onto the black egg (Scruff Roc's weak point) and bash his head into it. Eventually, the egg will explode, and Scruff Roc will follow.

Hulk Smash Hulk Smash Puny Scruff Roc for the following reason(s):

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