Spideraticus is a gigantic spider boss whom Wario must defeat at the end of Beanstalk Way during the events of Wario World. The arena consists of a network of tree roots with Spideraticus's giant spider web taking up about 80% of the stage. Wario cannot jump while on the web, so he must stay on the outside until an opportunity to attack arises.

Spideraticus has quite a few attacks. The first is a shockwave attack that must be jumped over. When Spideraticus has two or less health skulls remaining, he adds another, faster shockwave. The spider boss's second attack is to fire homing bursts at Wario. The lower Spideraticus's health, the more bursts are shot.

Spideraticus could shoot five Glue Globes out of his mouth and suck them back in one by one, giving Wario a chance to attack. Wario must attack by Ground Pounding the boss on it's bandaged head and back. Spideraticus may also shoot a small, almost invisible web at Wario to bring him in closer for a bite. If caught, he must dash away to free himself from the sticky string. Finally, Spideraticus may simply bite Wario if he gets too close.

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