The Dragon Killer Is A 1 Me In The Doger


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In The One The Time
Son Of Tommy!
[[Tommys Son Is De!

He's Dad Is Tommy Cat Co Falter Of Doger And Justin Dog Is Fairer To Doger

The Monster Killer A Cat The Monster Is Gomora (Dimensions) Ar The Monster Is Killed Tommy's Son Ask Justin The Dog Tait The Hydra Is Killed Us!!


Is She Is Kill Us Ask Tommy's Son He Is One Of Dogers Is Hydramons Is Killeen Us? Ask Tommy's Son

No No No Say Justin Dog Justin's Sin Is He!! Say Justin Dog My Boss Bahagon

To Justin Dog Yes Yes!
Son Of Tommy!
He Go To Tommy! Tommy Son Go Hoke And The Legendary Megazord
Legendary Megazord

The Megazord is Legendary? He he! Say Tommy's Son You Will Kill The Legendary Megazord!! Say Justin Dog Ha Ha! Say Justin Dog The Big Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I Will Make The Monster It The Delta Command Megazord Is To BIG!!! Your Monster And Lord Sin Wlii Kill It

Lord Sin Is 99999999999999999999999999999999 Ft Ha Ha We Killed the Delta Command Megazord!
Delta Command Megazord