Turret Tusk is a member of the Tusk species in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Turret Tusk is fought in the Apple Kingdom, the fourth kingdom Donkey Kong ventures through.

Turret Tusk appears as a massive mechanical elephant, who has colored brown camoflauge, tusks of the same color and red eyes.

Turret Tusk attacks Donkey Kong by firing cannonballs out of its trunk. To defeat him, Donkey had to grab a Pineapple from the ground and throw it at Turret Tusk's trunk. Turret Trusk will suck in the pineapple. Inside him it will explode, causing him to fall over, exposing his heart and causing him to spit out more pineapples. Donkey Kong must then throw these pineapples at Turret Tusk's heart, where they will stick until they explode. Doing this several times will defeat Turret Tusk and cause him to breakdown and fall apart. The fight seems to take place in the jungle

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