Yaridovich is charged with acquiring the fifth Star Piece on Smithy's behalf during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. To trick Mario, Yaridovich kidnaps the population of Seaside Town and imprisons them in a large building. Then, Yaridovich split his essence into a multitude of Toad-shaped bodies, including a Toad elder. When Mario arrives in the town, Yaridovich, in his disguise as the Town Elder, asks the hero to retrieve the Star Piece for him. Mario agrees and heads for the sea.

When Mario returns with the Star Piece, Yaridovich reveals that he is a member of the Smithy Gang and will torture the real Town Elder with a tickling feather until Mario surrenders the Star Piece. Mario reluctantly agrees, and Yaridovich runs to the coast. Mario follows behind.

Yaridovich was to be picked up by the Axem Rangers and their battleship Blade. However, the Axem Rangers were running late, so Yaridovich decides to swim away. Before he can reach the water, Jonathan Jones appears and blocks the fake Toads' path. With nowhere to run, Yaridovich assumes his true form and battles Mario and his allies.

Yaridovich attacks the party with a variety of powerful magic. After he takes a few blows, Yaridovich creates a double of himself using Mirage attack!. The Yaridovich that takes more damage than the other is the fake (and also has a different Psychopath thought). At this point, Yaridovich and his clone attack primarily with melee attacks and Skewer). After repeating this cycle a few times, Yaridovich relents, leaving behind the Star Piece, as well as the Shed Key required to rescue Seaside Town's true inhabitants.

Yaridovich returns as a Machine Made, a gray, mass-produced copy of the original. Interestingly, it can split into four Machine Made Jabits or Drill Bits with the Multiplier! move.

Yaridovich can be seen in the parade during the end credits, along with Mack and Bowyer, in which all three are pounded by Smithy's

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